As an organization, system on the formation of enterprise culture has played an important and pivotal role. However, the outstanding enterprises continued to grow, it is not only a sound system will be able to solve. System can protect the healthy operation of enterprises, but from a development point of view, only the continuous improvement of the system threshold, only the competitiveness of enterprises continued to improve and enterprises continued to grow. The threshold for the improvement of the system, not the system itself can be resolved and needs to be in the foresight to start as the conscious action of forces. This, for example a person's growth, bound by the rules so that he can become a qualified staff, and the thinking of the guide and inspire the spirit, he is continuing the free and healthy development of the key. Therefore, in addition to strengthening the rules of enterprises, the construction of the corporate culture of an important work, make great efforts to nurture can continue beyond enterprise system, self-driven staff - the free development of the people. Here involves three aspects:

First, staff development and business growth of relations.

Many enterprises in the cultural manual referred to "the staff together with the growth of enterprises," such a view. Among these we need to figure out the problem is that the common growth of enterprises and employees is not wrong, but between what is a relationship » Business growth, the staff will certainly be able to get growth? » The growth of enterprises rely on what » If there are no staff growth, whether companies will continue stable growth » We all recognized human resources is the core of such a resource point of view, we all understand that the success of the Chinese revolution to rely on countless "slaves" for the growth of "general" truth. So, can we establish such a view: the growth of enterprises, the staff is the cumulative growth process, or that only the staff of growth - the free and full development of the enterprises will grow ?

Second, staff growth and improve the system of relations.

A simple system constraints, the soldiers can train Shouji, but seldom able to cultivate a proactive, self-development leader. The competitiveness of enterprises continued to increase, not the system you look at how strict, but you look at the system can be sustained transformation, innovation and upgrading. And upgrading the system, involving a staff of the free and full development of a problem.

We all know that the realm of freedom is the development of human society and the ultimate goal of the highest level, and the development of human society, every individual and all individuals are given free and full development of the liberation process; contrary, the social progress of each , Marks the liberation. And the liberation of the results each time, the system will be in the form of consolidation and preservation. Promote human liberation of the system, is the freedom of people as the main growing system, that is, through the innovation system, the number of free will continue to increase. Therefore, we can say that the premise of upgrading enterprise system, enterprises must be used in the advanced elements of thought and the wisdom of continuing the practice, the rules go beyond the existing system and achieve real results and the results. A business, the more advanced elements, the frequency of thought and action sooner, enterprise system upgrade cycle sooner, the higher threshold, the enterprises will grow faster. From that point on, this is as a senior animals and other organisms of the fundamental differences - the human soul with self-innovation ability, can often make individual cognitive model mutations, which lead to social order changes. Therefore, the building of enterprise culture an important task is to continue to identify, encourage and nurture through self-development staff to enable them to the organization and management of the increasing reliance on low, self-management capacity is growing, and the growth enterprise system upgrade Forerunner and models. Well-known historian Gibbon in "Decline of the history of the Roman Empire," mentioned that the improvement of human society has three roads, one of which is "the poet or philosopher rely on individual efforts to educate their own times and the state," We may be above To express the meaning.

Third, the individual employee growth and development of relations between the staff groups.

Fundamentally speaking, the changes in enterprise system is a collective choice and path dependence, but from time to process, the system changes, but it is impossible to start a collective choice.

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